Date: January 21, 2020
To: MCIEF Members
From: MCIEF Board of Directors
Regarding: 2020 Plans for MCIEF
As 2020 begins the Board of Directors and management of the Motor Carrier Insurance Education Foundation are pleased to report that your Foundation is in good shape organizationally and financially. The growth and success we have witnessed over the past seven years attest to Tommy Ruke’s leadership. Tommy’s vision and collaborative skills at MCIEF deliver why truck insurance firms recognize MCIEF as their best education source in the United States. As a natural benefit of participation, MCIEF offers outstanding business networking opportunities. As we plan for our future, the Board of Directors is pleased to announce the following exciting updates to MCIEF:

In 2021 we will be offering a Western Conference in Phoenix, AZ in addition to our Annual Fall Conference in Orlando, FL. The Western Conference will be held May 20-21, 2021 at the Hyatt Regency Phoenix. As our membership has grown, we felt the need to offer a second opportunity more convenient for our Western members. Adding events and members in the Midwestern and Western regions is a prime goal of the Foundation.
The Foundation has grown significantly over the past seven years and the founder of the Foundation, Tommy Ruke has been wearing many hats while continuing to develop relevant course material for the Foundation. The Board is pleased to announce that Joe Hutelmyer is joining our MCIEF leadership team as our Chief Operating Officer. Concurrently, Tommy Ruke is moving into the position of Director of Education, focusing on what Tommy best brings to the table, Trucking Insurance Education. Joe and Tommy have a unique relationship of working successfully together.
Joe will be retiring from his current position of Chief Operating Officer of AmWINS Transportation Underwriters effective June 30 and will be bringing his 40 years of Transportation Insurance experience and leadership to the Foundation. Joe has also held positions as President of the AAMGA, Chancellor of the AAMGA University and has taught classes with Tommy and also at the Risk Management School at Appalachian State University.

We have big plans for 2020 including an improved website, better overall communication and continued efforts to strengthen the excellence of our education offerings. Details of our 2020 Annual Fall Conference in Orlando on October 8 and 9 at the Hyatt Regency Orlando Airport will be communicated and posted on our website by February 1st. We look forward to a great 2020 and beyond. The future of MCIEF is bright thanks to you!


Tommy Ruke
Founder, Direcotor of Education

Joe Hutelmyer
Chief Operating Officer

John Love
Board Chair

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