Congratulations 🎉️ to all individuals who have attained their TRS Designation so far in 2021! 🎊 Job well done! 🙌

Jeremy Allen from Clemens & Associates
Josh Bailey from McGriff Insurance
Matthew Barbera from W.N. Tuscano Agency
Kimberly Calhoun from HUB International Transportation
Dawnita Chiquito from Arthur J. Gallagher
Travis Cockburn from Clemens & Associates
Kristin Fetter from W.N. Tuscano Agency
Lisa Flemming from Shelly, Middlebrooks & O’Leary, Inc.
Janice Frye from Risk Placement Services
Holley Haddock from Raymond Nelson Insurance Agency, Inc.
Marissa Helmic from Auto-Owners Insurance
Jason Hoffard from Clemens & Associates
Melinda M. Hulme from Risk Placement Services
Ed Lambert from Sunbelt Insurance
Donna Lavery from Shelly, Middlebrooks & O’Leary, Inc.
Tony McCroskey from Granite Insurance Agency, Inc.
Sharon Ann Moody from HUB International Transportation
Jill Nicholson-Houston from McGriff Insurance
Juvenal Perez Bustamante from Clemens & Associates
Karen Richter from Lancer Insurance