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Blog by Tommy Ruke, The King Pin – Leading Expert in Truck Insurance 18-YEAR OLD DRIVERS ON THE INTERSTATE!! There are a lot of press reports and I have had a few telephone calls about the “Drive Safe Act” – For those of you that have not heard about it, some information follows. From the “Scopelitis Legislative News – March 2019”: Bill to Authorize 18-21 Year Olds to Drive in Interstate Commerce Introduced – On February 26, a bill, the Drive Safe Act, creating an apprenticeship program to train and authorize drivers between the ages of 18 and 21 to drive in interstate commerce was re-introduced with bipartisan sponsors in the House and the Senate.  The bill would require a specified number of hours of on-duty time and driving time in the company of an experienced driver with a vehicle that is equipped with certain safety technologies in order to successfully complete the apprenticeship program and be eligible to drive without restriction.  Many states currently [...]

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Blog by Tommy Ruke, The King Pin – Leading Expert in Truck Insurance MOTOR CARRIER NUMBERS NOW HAVE ADDED DIGITS URS mandated that motor carrier numbers would go away – That has not happened yet! The unique numbers have been “used” up. The temporary solution adds additional digits to the motor carrier/docket number. Craig Lack of Carrier Software provided the following information: On the weekend of October 27th, FHWA expanded the Docket Number from six to eight digits to accommodate the need to issue Docket Numbers greater than MC999999. Over the past year, FHWA had been recycling inactive Docket Numbers, but at this time, all of the inactive Docket Numbers have been reissued. Based on User input, FWHA will not be adding leading zeros to Docket Numbers that are less than eight digits. For example, MC1234 will remain MC1234 under the new eight digit Docket Number system. The number of motor carriers applying for FHWA interstate operating authority now averages 250 or more per day [...]

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Blog by Tommy Ruke, The King Pin – Leading Expert in Truck Insurance CARGO FILING REQUIREMENTS I have been providing wrong information about cargo filings. Based on information on the FMCSA website under “Insurance Requirements” cargo filings are: BMC-34 – Filing – BMC – 83 Bond Cargo Insurance $ 5,000 per vehicle $10,000 per occurrence Who is required to have filings: Household Goods Motor Carriers Household Goods Freight Forwarders I asked Rob Moseley if this was correct and he provided the following: (c) Household goods motor carriers: Cargo liability, security required to compensate individual shippers for loss or damage to property belonging to them and coming into the possession of household goods motor carriers in connection with their transportation service; (1) For loss of or damage to household goods carrier on any one motor vehicle - $5,000 (2) For loss of damage to or aggregate of losses or damages of or to household goods occurring at any one time and place - $10,000 Short history [...]

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Blog by Tommy Ruke, The King Pin – Leading Expert in Truck Insurance INSURED REQUESTS TO CANCEL A POLICY MID-TERM – WHAT WILL THE “RETURN PREMIUM” BE? I have been teaching for years that an insurance policy with an MCS90 attached requires the insured and the insurer to provide 35 days’ written notice of their desire to cancel the policy mid-term to each other. Typically, the request would be when the insured obtained a “better” price. In the last couple of weeks I had the following situation presented by an agent for my thoughts: One of my insureds had their renewal increase a lot. We could not find an insurance carrier that was lower so we renewed and had a 91X sent by the insurance carrier. A couple of weeks after we agreed to bind and obtain a filing, we found another carrier that was much less costly. We bound coverage with the new carrier, new carrier filed a 91X which replaced the one provided [...]

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Blog by Tommy Ruke, The King Pin – Leading Expert in Truck Insurance LOSS PAYEE ON CARGO POLICIES Recently, two members have had parties with a relationship asking to be a “loss payee” on a cargo policy. One of the problems insurance providers have is that insureds have customers or other parties asking for proof of insurance coverage or other coverage concerns that do not understand insurance. Too often the insured might lose business because of the inability or unwillingness of the insurance provider to comply with the request(s). Many times the insurance providers react by saying: “we cannot do that” without understanding the coverage provided and what the coverage implications on the coverage from that the request of the customer/other parties ask our insured for the proof are. We must remember that the COI only comes into a claim when there is no coverage. As long as there is coverage, the COI does not become involved beyond allowing the insured to do business. The [...]

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Blog by Tommy Ruke, The King Pin – Leading Expert in Truck Insurance FMCSA CRASHES – PREVENTABLE OR NOT? As hopefully all of you know, there are three FMCSA recordable crashes. • Fatality – Someone died at the crash site • Injury – Someone had to have medical treatment away from the crash site • Towed – One or more vehicle had to be towed away from the crash site The crashes are reflected with no determination of causation. In other words, they might not be reflected on loss information for the motor carrier because the insured was not at fault so no “claim”. There will be claims reflected on loss information that would not be reflected on the FMCSA information. A unit the insured hit could be driven away but had to be repaired. Some motor carriers who don’t require loss information for insureds with 5 or fewer units but do require information if a crash is reflected in SAFER/CAB/Carrier Software. ATRI did a [...]

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Blog by Tommy Ruke, The King Pin – Leading Expert in Truck Insurance CSA REPORT IS OUT! Our last Blog – “A Must Read – Transport Topics” let you know the CSA study that was mandated as a part of the FAST Act would be out soon – Soon happened today, Tuesday, June 27th. Steve Bryan, a speaker at our upcoming October 5-6th Annual Conference wrote last Friday about the reform requirements. (https://vigillo.com/2017/06/national-academies-csa-reform-report-to-be-released-tuesday/) Another must read is James Jaillet’s ccjdigital article “CSA Under Fire: Researchers recommend major reforms to DOT carrier safety program”. (http://www.ccjdigital.com/csa-under-fire-researchers-recommend-major-reforms-to-dot-carrier-safety-program/) Work Truck Magazine’s article, “Report Recommends Improving CSA Scoring System”. (http://www.worktruckonline.com/news/story/2017/06/new-report-recommends-improvements-to-csa-scoring-system.aspx) From Overdriveonline.com, “Report recommends sweeping changes to CSA scoring system.” (http://www.overdriveonline.com/report-recommends-sweeping-changes-to-csa-scoring-system/) The report was provided by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine and is about 130 pages and the FAST Act asked Congress to respond in 120 days and make changes (who wants to bet Congress will not respond in 120 days?) From James Jaillet’s article above: The [...]

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Blog by Tommy Ruke, The King Pin – Leading Expert in Truck Insurance A MUST READ – TRANSPORT TOPICS Anyone who has attended a program I have provided was told the above. Back from two weeks of meetings to complete and improve TruckingU and teaching sold out Motor Carrier I and Motor Carrier II programs and now catching up on reading. June 5th Editorial in Transport Topics – “Growing Pains from Progress” – Short but to the point, the editorial starts with - Expanding the Panama Canal has increased the volume of freight going through the east coast ports which will have truckers hauling a higher volume, which is good, but the increased volume must be moved in a shorter time, causing backups at terminals, which is not so good. Are the insurance providers ready for the increased “business” of our insureds along I-95? Dave Manning, president of TCW, Inc. which operates at the ports in Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA, was quoted in the [...]

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Blog by Tommy Ruke, The King Pin – Leading Expert in Truck Insurance BREAKING NEWS! From CCJDigital.com, Author James Jaillet - Headline “FMCSA scraps rulemaking on raising liability insurance minimums for carriers” “The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is slated Monday to officially withdraw a rulemaking intended to explore the pros and cons of increasing liability insurance minimums for motor carriers. The agency says a lack of data from key stakeholders, such as insurance providers and carriers, led to the withdrawal of the rule. The Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, published Nov. 28, 2014, sought input from carriers, brokers, shippers, insurers and others about how increasing the current $750,000 minimum required of carriers would impact insurance premiums, ability to obtain insurance and more. FMCSA was tasked by Congress in the 2012 MAP-21 highway bill to study whether an increase was needed. Current limits were set in the mid-1980s, and groups have argued in recent years they’re too low to cover the costs of today’s crashes [...]

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Blog by Tommy Ruke, The King Pin – Leading Expert in Truck Insurance MOTOR CARRIER OR BROKER? Is your insured a motor carrier or a broker — or both? Or does your insured arrange for other motor carriers to “cover” customer requests to haul loads but is not actually a broker? The February Truck Stop addressed these considerations and is available on the transportationriskspecialist.com website. However, we received questions from a number of our members along with requests to provide a white paper to address not only the differences between a motor carrier and a broker but also MAP-21 considerations. Let’s begin with a common scenario: Your insured is a motor carrier and has authority to haul processed goods in interstate commerce. The insured gets a call from a customer to haul a load but does not have a truck available to haul it. Instead of telling the customer, “Sorry I cannot cover the load,” the insured will likely protect their relationship with the customer [...]

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