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We are presenting a webinar which qualifies for state Continuing Education credit. The subject will be “Ethics”.

This webinar will be presented as follows: July 21, 2021 from 12:30 – 4:30 pm EST (4 hours)


  • Trust is a fundamental principal of insurance
  • The agent and the company providing the insurance must trust the policyholder to provide all the information needed for underwriting and pricing as well as when making a claim will accurately assess the damages
  • The applicant must trust that the company underwriter will not discriminate when establishing the premium
  • The policyholder must have faith that the company adjusters will pay a fair amount for a claim should it become necessary
  • In the absence of trust, the transactional fees from legal and governmental bodies would make a business like insurance difficult at least, and perhaps impossible
  • The industry must “trust” the insured also

To receive credit, you must complete all four hours in their entirety. To receive a login link and verify your “attendance”, you must register online using the link below and login under your email address or advise that you are “attending” with a group, provide the email address which will be used for your group and submit a signed proctor form following the presentation. We receive a report after each webinar, indicating the email addresses of those participating and the length of time each email address was online for the presentation. The email address used must show “attendance” for the full presentation to receive credit. We will also require a completed registration form for each attendee.

Cost for CE option = $95

The Ethics course is open to Members Only

Upon completing the registration form you will be sent a link to registration with GoToWebinar.