The Motor Carrier Insurance Education Foundation (MCIEF) is an organization dedicated to providing education to insurance professionals regarding the transportation industry. The curriculum focuses on the operation, government oversight, risk management and insurance needs of the transportation industry. The information includes the importance of government established financial responsibility and operating requirements. Membership in MCIEF is available to insurance companies, agencies, wholesalers and individuals as well as the motor carrier industry. MCIEF has not-for-profit 501(c)(6) status.

MCIEF offers live training events including basic and advanced motor carrier insurance seminars at convenient locations developed and presented by recognized industry authority and Foundation founder, Tommy Ruke, as well as other specialists on providing insurance to motor carriers. MCIEF hosts an Annual Conference featuring industry experts that discuss a broad range of topics relevant to providing insurance to the motor carrier industry as well as industry trends and proposed future regulatory changes. MCIEF members receive discounted tuition fees for MCIEF live trainings.

Bringing it all together into a centralized platform is the MCIEF website ( MCIEF’s offerings include monthly live webinar educational opportunities, online study modules, blogs and ongoing posts from Tommy Ruke on timely issues, regular updates on pertinent current events, and technical advice related to the motor carrier industry, insurance coverages, risk management and loss control matters, insurance regulatory issues and the legal climate affecting the transportation industry. Members also have direct access to Tommy and other experts via a 24-hour response Helpline to address insurance and regulatory inquiries. Access to the website is reserved exclusively for MCIEF members and is included as part of membership, Agency and Company memberships allow for all employees and staff of the Agency and Company to access the intellectual information provided by MCIEF.


Motor Carrier Insurance Education Foundation membership is open to individuals, agencies (including wholesalers/general agents) and companies. Benefits afforded to subscribing members include:

  • Discounted tuition fees for MCIEF live training seminars
  • Online webinar programs that qualify for state CE credit
  • Exclusive access to MCIEF’ website
  • The opportunity to pursue, earn and maintain the industry’s only motor carrier insurance-specific professional designation, Transportation Risk Specialist™
  • Access to a membership directory to promote internal communication and networking
  • Special pricing on affiliate organizations’ products and services relevant to companies and agencies engaged in providing insurance to motor carriers


Access to the educational information posted on the Foundation website is exclusive to Motor Carrier Insurance Education Foundation members and their employees. The “faculty” is headed by Tommy Ruke and is comprised of recognized motor carrier authorities from within the insurance field – many of whom are sitting board members of the Foundation – as well as others with an expertise in other motor carrier industry-related disciplines relevant to our pursuits as insurance professionals.

The primary components of the MCIEF website include the following, with more detailed descriptions of each following the list:

  • Technical Advice and Industry Updates
  • Blogs from the Experts
  • Monthly “Hot Subject” Live Webinars
  • “Ask Tommy”, a direct access helpline

White Papers

Through the MCIEF website member organizations and individuals will have access to in-depth, published white papers addressing matters that affect insurance coverage and related considerations pertaining to motor carriers. Written by Tommy Ruke and other recognized experts, these white papers are designed to provide underwriters and agents guidance in addressing certain insurance coverages. The following white papers are available:

  • Uninsured Motorist Coverage
  • Motor Carrier Coverage Form
  • Addressing Motor Carrier Regulatory “Pain”
  • 91X Limits – Different Than Policy Limits

Technical Advice and Industry Updates

Each month new bulletins addressing motor carrier-related technical subjects and industry updates will be posted on the MCIEF member website. These will be provided by professionals both from within and outside of the insurance industry who have agreed to share their expertise and unique perspectives concerning timely and relevant topics.

Blogs from the Experts

Blogs from Tommy Ruke and other resident Foundation authorities will be posted to the MCIEF member website on a regular basis. These blogs address current happenings in the motor carrier and insurance industry and are provided in a format that will allow members to share them with their agents and underwriters.

Monthly Webinars

Subscribing Foundation members can participate in monthly webinars presented by Tommy. Hot subjects and happenings affecting the motor carrier industry will be on the docket each month, and guest speakers with expertise relative to the topics of the day will be featured as well. In less newsworthy months Tommy and team will utilize the allotted one-hour time slot to delve into specific coverage needs and underwriting issues, providing for an excellent live educational opportunity. Webinar registration is available to subscribing members. What an excellent vehicle for keeping yourself and/or your staff current on the issues that affect your business – delivered live to your office each month! (Recordings of all webinars are available to members via the website in the event that you cannot attend live.)

“Ask Tommy”

Subscribers to MCIEF will enjoy members-only access to “Ask Tommy”, a 24-hour response e-helpline that provides direct access to Tommy and the Foundation’s center of expertise. Members submit their inquiries pertaining to motor carrier coverage, underwriting, claims or regulatory matters and receive a response within 24 business hours. Answers to the questions are then posted on the website for the benefit of subscribing members (the inquirer’s information is scrubbed out and the posted answer presented in an indexed, generic format).

Online Continuing Education

Online continuing education modules will be filed for continuing education in four one-hour segments. 12 hours total. After completing four segments, the participant will be eligible for four hours of state continuing education credits. For participants wishing to take advantage of this, a small processing fee per person CE processing fee plus any state roster fees will be charged for each four-hour segment. These series will be offered on the first and third Tuesdays of each month at 2:00 pm ET.


MCIEF seminars are open to all insurance company, agency and wholesaler personnel – including those engaged in underwriting, sales and marketing, loss prevention, compliance, risk management, claims and customer service – who have an interest in learning more about the transportation industry, its insurance needs and the regulatory environment in which it exists.

Attendance at these seminars is established to promote effective delivery and dialog through an exchange of ideas and questions. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Motor Carrier Insurance Considerations – One 16-hour seminar

To better understand the government involvement in the motor carrier business, the class will include a discussion of registration, proof of financial responsibility and operating rules and regulations. In order to understand the application process, there will be a review of a typical motor carrier’s insurance application, a review of the questions and specific needed answers.

This course will allow a less experienced participant to understand what is required when providing insurance to motor carriers and for more experienced participants, an in-depth look at a motor carrier’s operation and their insurance needs.

After completion of the course and passing the required test, a participant will have met the first requirement toward their TRS Designation.

Advanced Underwriting: One 16-hour seminar

The Advanced Underwriting Seminar affords participants the opportunity to extend themselves beyond the basics and acquire the knowledge and skills needed to analyze and underwrite larger motor carrier fleet exposures and address their coverage needs. This course includes practical information and current case studies as it is designed to keep pace with a constantly changing regulatory climate.

This seminar is qualified for 16 hours of continuing education credits in all states for participants who are required to maintain such credits. It the participant is seeking the Transportation Risk Specialist™ designation there will be an online to be completed post-session.

Due to the always current and dynamic nature of the Advanced Underwriting Seminar’s course content it is also an available option for satisfying the TRS Designation biennial update requirement.

Seating for the Advanced Underwriting Seminars is limited. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Advanced Coverage – One 16-hour seminar

The insurance policies that we provide to motor carriers are used in three ways; to meet government financial responsibility requirements, to meet insurance requirements of customers and to respond when a crash happens.

The Advanced Coverage session will look at a crash and what damage can be done to: the public, the unit, the cargo and the driver.

We will look at each area of damage and will determine how the insurance policy(ies) will respond or not respond.

Experienced insurance professionals will take part as the participants review the facts, come up with if there is coverage or not and if coverage then how the policy(ies) respond.

Annual Conference: One 12-hour or 16-hour seminar

Each year Motor Carrier Insurance Education Foundation members, designees and other insurance and risk management professionals interested in the transportation industry will have the opportunity to attend and participate in the MCIEF Annual Conference. The conference is designed for individuals wishing to remain current and thereby well-equipped to confidently provide insurance and related services within the ever-changing environment that motor carriers operate.

The Annual Conference agenda will feature guest speakers providing their perspectives on current developments and trends in the trucking industry. Topical content, though not limited to these, will include:

  • Insurance experts sharing their knowledge
  • Review of changes and proposed changes in motor carrier regulation and their impact on insurance
  • Technology available to motor carriers to help control their operations and what this means to insurance providers
  • Reviews of recent court cases by attorneys and the effect of the outcomes on insurance providers
  • Updates on ISO policy changes

This conference is qualified for 12 or 16 hours of continuing education credits in all states for participants who are required to maintain such credits.

Annual Conference participation is also an available option for satisfying the TRS Designation biennial update requirement or the CIC update requirement. 16 hours.

The conference is open to all members of the Foundation.


The Motor Carrier Insurance Education Foundation was established to assemble highly respected authorities from across the country, providing consistent and current education and assistance to insurance professionals serving the transportation industry. The Foundation is the only institute solely and entirely dedicated to this cause, and it was through this talent-rich center of expertise that the curricula for the various components of what would ultimately comprise the TRS designation was developed.

When the motor carrier notices the letters “TRS” next to the name of an insurance or risk management professional, they can be assured that it was earned through rigorous specialized study, regular progress evaluations, dedicated work experience, high standards of integrity and a commitment to maintaining a current level of technical expertise in understanding and servicing the transportation industry. So, whether you are operating a company within the transportation industry or are in the business of providing insurance-related services to them, know that agents, underwriters and risk managers carrying the TRS designation will provide competency and proficiency to meet the needs of a motor carrier.

The Transportation Risk Specialist™ stands out as the sole mark of professionals who have chosen to immerse themselves in a career of providing incomparable service to the transportation and motor carrier sector on behalf of insurers who provide service to motor carriers.

The TRS Designation recognizes that an individual has an understanding about the motor carrier industry and the motor carrier’s insurance needs; including underwriting and coverage. The individual has obtained this knowledge by participating in education opportunities, demonstrated their understanding by passing tests and has provided services to the motor carrier industry for at least two years.

Effective July 1, 2018, the TRS Designation requirements are as follows:

Complete the 20-hour TruckingU on-line program and pass the test


Attend the face-to-face 16-hour Basic Insurance for Motor Carriers and pass a test

After Completion of either one of the above two requirements, then must also attend:

The 16-hour Advanced Underwriting and

The 16-hour Advanced Coverages

To maintain your TRS Designation you must keep current by attending one of the following face-to-face programs every two years:

Advanced Underwriting

Advanced Coverages

Annual Conference


Attend three of the four on-line advanced webinars in the two-year update period (option available only once every four years)



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