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MCIEF ConferenceTRS seminars are open to all insurance company, agency and wholesaler personnel – including those engaged in underwriting, sales and marketing, loss prevention, compliance, risk management, claims and customer service – who have an interest in learning more about the transportation industry, its insurance needs and the regulatory environment in which it exists.

Attendance at these seminars is established to promote effective delivery and dialog through an exchange of ideas and questions. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis.

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Motor Carrier Insurance Considerations – One 16-hour seminar

To better understand the government involvement in the motor carrier business, the class will include a discussion of registration, proof of financial responsibility and operating rules and regulations. In order to understand the application process, there will be a review of a typical motor carrier’s insurance application, a review of the questions and specific needed answers.

This course will allow a less experienced participant to understand what is required when providing insurance to motor carriers and for more experienced participants, an in-depth look at a motor carrier’s operation and their insurance needs.

After completion of the course and passing the required test, a participant will have met the first requirement toward their TRS Designation.

Advanced Underwriting: One 16-hour seminar

The Advanced Underwriting Seminar affords participants the opportunity to extend themselves beyond the basics and acquire the knowledge and skills needed to analyze and underwrite larger motor carrier fleet exposures and address their coverage needs. This course includes practical information and current case studies as it is designed to keep pace with a constantly changing regulatory climate.

This seminar is qualified for 16 hours of continuing education credits in all states for participants who are required to maintain such credits. It the participant is seeking the Transportation Risk Specialist™ designation there will be an online to be completed post-session.

Due to the always current and dynamic nature of the Advanced Underwriting Seminar’s course content it is also an available option for satisfying the TRS Designation biennial update requirement.

Seating for the Advanced Underwriting Seminars is limited. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Advanced Coverage – One 16-hour seminar

The insurance policies that we provide to motor carriers are used in three ways; to meet government financial responsibility requirements, to meet insurance requirements of customers and to respond when a crash happens.

The Advanced Coverage session will look at a crash and what damage can be done to: the public, the unit, the cargo and the driver.

We will look at each area of damage and will determine how the insurance policy(ies) will respond or not respond.

Experienced insurance professionals will take part as the participants review the facts, come up with if there is coverage or not and if coverage then how the policy(ies) respond.

Annual Conference: One 12-hour or 16-hour seminar

Each year Motor Carrier Insurance Education Foundation members, designees and other insurance and risk management professionals interested in the transportation industry will have the opportunity to attend and participate in the MCIEF Annual Conference. The conference is designed for individuals wishing to remain current and thereby well-equipped to confidently provide insurance and related services within the ever-changing environment that motor carriers operate.

The Annual Conference agenda will feature guest speakers providing their perspectives on current developments and trends in the trucking industry. Topical content, though not limited to these, will include:

  • Insurance experts sharing their knowledge
  • Review of changes and proposed changes in motor carrier regulation and their impact on insurance
  • Technology available to motor carriers to help control their operations and what this means to insurance providers
  • Reviews of recent court cases by attorneys and the effect of the outcomes on insurance providers
  • Updates on ISO policy changes

This conference is qualified for 12 or 16 hours of continuing education credits in all states for participants who are required to maintain such credits.

Annual Conference participation is also an available option for satisfying the TRS Designation biennial update requirement or the CIC update requirement. 16 hours.

The conference is open to all members of the Foundation.



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