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Blitch Westley Barrette, S.C.

Strategic Lawyers Representing Trucking Industry Clients Nationwide

Transportation is the industry that other industries rely on to carry out crucial tasks every day. Without trucks transporting goods cross-country, food and other essential products wouldn’t reach store shelves. It’s precisely because the trucking industry plays such an essential role in our country’s economy that the businesses and individuals engaged in trucking face so many legal, regulatory and operational challenges.

With 75 years of combined experience, the attorneys of Blitch Westley Barrette, S.C. proudly serve fleet owners, drivers and other businesses nationwide from offices in Orlando, FL, Windermere, FL, Oak Brook, IL, Evansville, WI and Madison, WI. Our attorneys are more than skillful litigators; they are also trustworthy counselors who provide long-range guidance in a professional manner that meets our clients’ wide-ranging legal needs. Whether your particular concern pertains to transportation regulations, employee relations, insurance, corporate structure or some other issue, we take a proactive approach designed to head-off problems before they erupt.

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Blitch Westley Barrette, S.C. is privileged to serve the transportation businesses, individuals and other industries that serve this great country. We offer over 75 years of combined experience in handling all facets of business law, employment and labor law, insurance law, and transportation law matters.

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MCIEF members, Transportation Risk Specialist (TRS) designees, and other insurance and risk management professionals interested in the transportation industry will have the opportunity to attend and participate in the Annual Conference in Orlando, FL and Western Conference in Phoenix, AZ. Both conferences are designed for individuals wishing to remain current and thereby well-equipped to confidently provide insurance and related services within the ever-changing environment that motor carriers operate.


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