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North American Council for Freight Efficiency

NACFE is focused on fuel economy for heavy commercial vehicles. Trucks play a vital role in our lives, delivering nearly 70 percent of all goods across our continent and the need for greater efficiency is more important than ever.

NACFE was created to meet the demand for real, trustworthy solutions and we share that with the world at It neither sells nor promotes specific technologies. By adhering to a standard of technological and political impartiality, this council seeks to ensure the safe, efficient, and profitable future of the trucking industry.

The NACFE will drive the development and adoption of efficiency-enhancing, environmentally beneficial, and cost-effective technologies, services, and methodologies in the North American freight industry by establishing and communicating credible and performance-based benefits.

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Dave Schaller

Industry Engagement Director | NACFE | LinkedIn

Ready to tackle your next strategic planning or product development challenge. Experienced and proven transportation industry executive with a flair for creative product development. Reputation for driving difficult programs into production. Strong network and broad technical skills to enable supplier integration into customer satisfying vehicles.

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MCIEF members, Transportation Risk Specialist (TRS) designees, and other insurance and risk management professionals interested in the transportation industry will have the opportunity to attend and participate in the Annual Conference in Orlando, FL and Western Conference in Phoenix, AZ. Both conferences are designed for individuals wishing to remain current and thereby well-equipped to confidently provide insurance and related services within the ever-changing environment that motor carriers operate.


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