Openfore is the only company that provides both software and managed services to succeed at every single step of the independent contractor management lifecycle, including recruiting, onboarding, compliance, safety education, settlement, and retention programs without compromise.

Independent contractors are in higher demand than they have ever been and attempting to manage it all in-house is not only costly, but it can also come at a risk of misclassification. The great part about Openforce is that we’ve been able to create a comprehensive suite of solutions that fortify your efforts to both attract and retain independent contractor drivers.

Simply put, we empower you and your independent contractors to work without limits.

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Wendy Greenland

CEO | Openforce | LinkedIn

Wendy brings nearly 30 years of experience and leadership to Openforce, focused on developing and delivering technology-driven business services and solutions, providing outstanding client service, and driving profitable revenue growth. Within Openforce, she drives the mission of the organization and creates a standard of quality in order to provide best-in-class products and services to our contractors and clients.



MCIEF members, Transportation Risk Specialist (TRS) designees, and other insurance and risk management professionals interested in the transportation industry will have the opportunity to attend and participate in the Annual Conference in Orlando, FL and Western Conference in Phoenix, AZ. Both conferences are designed for individuals wishing to remain current and thereby well-equipped to confidently provide insurance and related services within the ever-changing environment that motor carriers operate.


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