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Primacy Risk Services; TPA SERVICES AND BEYOND

Where the Insurance Industry lacks cunning approaches and time, Primacy responds immediately seven days a week at all hours to minimize the cost of commercial auto accidents (settlement and expenses).

Third Party Administration

Primacy accelerates and condenses the always-critical investigation. Arguably, we are the most responsive claim service in the trucking industry. All parties are contacted immediately and detailed statements secured (i.e. hard questions are posed), photos secured, and frivolous injuries challenged quickly.

Truckers can rely on just our immediate investigation service when they have a deductible and are, contractually, unable to unbundle claims management to Primacy.

In addition to our claim handling abilities we perform Claim Reviews (audits) that identify the reason for your frustration and how to reduce money paid to Plaintiff Plaintiff lawyers. Too often their approaches are not met with necessary challenges.

We perform Risk Assessments that gets to the core of whether every one of your fleet departments are pulling in the same direction, meaning, are they detracting from your safety efforts? Are they unknowingly driving up accident frequency? Risk Assessments culminate in proposing organizational recommendations that allow you to perform a peak performance and increase the health of your organization.

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John Liberatore

Founder & Presiden | Primacy Risk Services | LinkedIn

Liberatore is a veteran of large fleet Risk Management where he developed creative methods to reduce frequency and Severity.

Reducing the cost of loss (accidents and injuries) related to Transportation/Trucking requires passion to immediately respond and to quickly be in position to challenge and intimidate claims made by Plaintiff lawyers. This is how Primacy is structured.

Our Staff has no more than 60 claim files at a time. Compare that to the 150 or more that is the norm for most TPA and insurance company adjusters. For your benefit we must have the time to conduct a complete investigations and then strategy to defeat claims presented by Plaintiff lawyers.



MCIEF members, Transportation Risk Specialist (TRS) designees, and other insurance and risk management professionals interested in the transportation industry will have the opportunity to attend and participate in the Annual Conference in Orlando, FL and Western Conference in Phoenix, AZ. Both conferences are designed for individuals wishing to remain current and thereby well-equipped to confidently provide insurance and related services within the ever-changing environment that motor carriers operate.


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