Class: Considerations When Hiring A Driver
Level: Basic to Intermediate
Participating Fellows: Tommy RukeGina Kesler, Justin Reed, Heather Linn Dunlap, Amanda Gallegos & James MacArthur
Learning Objectives:

  • You will learn the critical importance of driver selection for motor carriers and understand the potential for each insured, regardless of other risk characteristics.
  • Learn to use proper tools and logic to analyze drivers for the purpose of insurance underwriting.
  • By building expertise in driver analysis, you will save time, and be helpful to decision-makers and insureds.
  • After this class, you will be well on the way to making proper overall risk decisions regarding driver selection and analysis which is a centerpiece to achieving underwriting expertise.

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Class: Changes In Regulation And Research Findings Affecting The Trucking Industry
Level: All Levels
Participating Fellows:
Session: FMCSA Changes in Regulation – David Heller
Session: ATRI Study Effect on Motor Carrier Operations – Dan Murray
Learning Objectives:

  • You will gain a better understanding of the most relevant issues affecting motor carriers and how science is confirming their significance.
  • You will be able to compare individual risk characteristics with respect to industry issues and judge their exposure impact upon the potential insured.
  • You will increase your understanding of overall risk exposure by better understanding motor carrier industry issues that impact risk stability and safety.
  • Overall, you will improve your underwriting risk evaluation skills.

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Class: Promise to Pay and Duty To Defend
Level: Advanced
Participating Fellows:
Session: Principles of Effective Claims Handling – Keith Dunlap, John Liberatore, Larry Rabinovich
Session: Proactive Claim Approach – The Benefits of Prompt Settlement – Clif Cameron, James Beam
Learning Objectives:

  • Learn to analyze policy wording with real, specific examples and learn how motor carriers are impacted by insurance claims including the impact on insurance premiums.
  • Understand the overall loss in order to properly evaluate the impact of both coverage and loss expectations for each potential insured.
  • Analyze, question, evaluate and project ultimate incurred loss for insurance claims.
  • Evaluate your current losses and project their impact upon future exposure period by analyzing insurance loss relative to coverage and the impact of individual risk underwriting.

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Class: Implication Of Inspections And New Technology
Level:  Intermediate
Participating Fellows:
Session: Truck Technology – Safety and Claims – John Steiner, Tamara Cook
Session: Truck Inspection – Effect on Underwriting and Claims – Phillip Wigginton, Daniel Vega, William Derbes, John Love
Learning Objectives:

  • You will learn about essential and evolving truck technology and its relationship to risk inspection data used in nearly all motor carrier underwriting scenarios.
  • This class includes a physical examination of an advanced technology power unit. You will identify safety-related attributes and their impact upon both power unit inspections and safety.
  • You will use the information shared in this class to assist in both risk safety inspection data analysis and the impact of individual risk equipment technology on the underwriting process.
  • Evaluate key underwriting exposures and trends for potential insured by analyzing past inspection data and current technology exposure.

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Class: Matters That Influence Shipper/Broker – Trucker Relationships
Level: Advanced
Participating Fellows:
Session: Myths Shippers/Brokers Believe – J.W. Taylor
Session: Meeting Shipper/Broker Requirements – J.W. Taylor, Dean Croke, Dan Ronan
Learning Objectives:

  • You will learn what issues, contracts and exposures impact the motor carrier’s ability to produce revenue and the various insurance exposure to be considered.
  • You will review detailed contract and motor carrier relationship questions in order to evaluate overall motor carrier competence and viability as part of intricate risk evaluation.
  • Understanding key motor carrier industry relationships impacting potential insureds allows you to properly consider how individual risks are prepared to conduct their operations.
  • You will achieve underwriting ability to understand motor carrier relationships which impact the exposure analysis required for each individual and potential insured.

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