Knights of the Road

Honoring the Heroes of the Trucking Industry! At MCIEF, we’re proud to shine a spotlight on the unsung heroes of the trucking industry through our Knights of the Road initiative. This special program recognizes and celebrates the invaluable contributions of trucking companies that have gone above and beyond to support MCIEF’s mission.

Why Knights of the Road?

Dedication and Commitment: These companies embody the spirit of dedication and commitment, tirelessly working to ensure the success and advancement of MCIEF’s programs..

Partnership and Collaboration: Through their partnership with MCIEF, these companies have played a vital role in fostering collaboration, innovation, and growth within the trucking insurance community.

Champions of Change: By championing positive change and innovation, Knights of the Road exemplify the transformative impact that can be achieved through collective effort and industry leadership.

Join us in honoring and celebrating these remarkable companies as true Knights of the Road

Stewart Transport

Saddle Creek Logistics Services