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The Transportation Risk Specialist (TRS) stands out as the sole mark of professionals who have chosen to immerse themselves in a career of providing incomparable service to the transportation and motor carrier sector.

TRS = The most recognized and respected trucking insurance expertise designation.

Developed in 2013 by Tommy Ruke and a leading group of trucking insurance experts, our TRS designation represents an individual’s professional commitment to both the trucking insurance industry and our Nation’s truckers. TRS gives instant credibility because of the widely recognized combination of expertise, dedication and integrity required to obtain and maintain the designation. Over the years TRS has evolved to almost sells itself: underwriters recognize submission credibility while producers respect the knowledge of the underwriter. In addition, the trucker gains needed confidence because the TRS designee actually cares enough to learn what’s most important to the motor carrier industry consumer.


In order to become a Transportation Risk Specialist, you must complete all of the following educational requirements, fill the TRS designation application and email it to

1. Your work entity must be an active MCIEF Member.
2. Your choice of either TruckingU or Motor Carrier Insurance Considerations.
3. Upon completion of either TruckingU or MCIC you must pass the TRS basic learning test.
4. Advanced Underwriting.
5. Advanced Coverage.
6. Upon completion of 1-5 above fill out the TRS designation application and email it to

To maintain your TRS Designation you must keep current by being an active member and attending one of the following programs every two years:

1. Your work entity must be an active MCIEF Member.
2. You must attend at least one of the following programs every two-year period:
a. Advanced Underwriting
b. Advanced Coverage
c. Annual Conference
d. Western Conference

TRS Designees

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