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Blog by Tommy Ruke, The King Pin – Leading Expert in Truck Insurance MISUNDERSTOOD CARGO FORM Agents have “Asked Tommy” questions concerning customers’ (brokers-shippers) requests for evidence/proof of coverage on cargo forms – “Additional Insured” “Loss Payee” “Waiver of Subrogation” “Primary/Non-Contributory” The cargo coverage form provides “bailee” coverage and agrees to indemnify/protect the person/entity that has the “property” of others in their possession. When providing services to the property owner (store, clean, repair, transport) and the property is damaged, the bailee could/will be liable for the damage if they did not take care of the property in their possession. For-hire interstate motor carriers that are transporting property in interstate commerce have an additional concern – The federal act (Carmack) which makes the motor carrier almost absolutely liable for property while being transported in interstate commerce. The cargo and all bailee forms are a “hybrid” (1st and 3rd party coverage principles in one policy) having two requirements for coverage – The insured must be legally liable [...]

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Blog by Tommy Ruke, The King Pin – Leading Expert in Truck Insurance 91X FILINGS The first thing an insured/motor carrier asks an agent/company to do is get them legal – Words I use in most all of MCIEF’s basic trainings. Legal means to provide the government proof of financial responsibility so that they can work. If the insurance provider does not provide the proof and the insured/motor carrier is damaged, they lose business. The motor carrier could/will make a claim and in most cases, the agent/wholesaler/insurance company that should have provided the proof and did not will pay the damages. Why the need for this blog now?? – Most insurance companies that I am aware of do not as a standard operating procedure cancel the 91X filing when offering a renewal. In the past year I have been answering questions and assisting with situations concerning the problem when the 91X filing was not made timely (proof of financial responsibility sent to FMCSA when the [...]

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