Clif Cameron

A Corporate Jet For Over 10 Years Facilitated The On Scene Investigation And Analysis Of Over 2,000 Casualty Loss Cases Around The World.

This Experience Created The PhysicsFirst© & CaseDrive® Expedited Litigation Analysis And Rapid Resolution Systems.
A System Focused On “Collapsing Traditional Litigation Timelines” And Expense.

Insurance Experience:
*AVP Casualty Claims National Transportation Insurance Company
*Director Loss Control National Transportation Insurance Company

Industry experience:
*President Oil & Gas Exploration, Drilling and Production
*President International Chemical Manufacturing And Distribution
*President International Natural Resource Exploration & Trading Company.

Insurance Licenses:
All Lines Agent
All Lines Adjuster
SIU / Investigation.

CEO Bottom Line Focus, AVP National Insurance Company Prospective. A corporate jet facilitated the unique live on scene analysis and management of over 3000 Complex Catastrophic loss cases around the world.
Combine extensive CAT Loss Analysis experience with international CEO Business Management experience created an expedited “bottom line” focus that helps both clients and claimants find straight answers and pragmatic solutions.

Today: Collapse Expensive and Counter Productive Litigation Timelines.

Direct And Expedite A New Catastrophic Loss Case Every Week Across America.

The PhysicsFirst© & CaseDrive® forensics and predictive analytics systems provides the foundation for rapid resolution opportunities that are focused on avoiding catastrophic litigation. Proactively Collapsing Antiquated Time Lines by identifying, acquiring and analyzing critical issues and evidence key to objectively quantifying and qualifying “What Happened And What Do I Do Next”

I am honored to continue today to help both clients and claimants find straight answers on how to expedite On Scene pre-trial analytics focused on catastrophic litigation avoidance.