Transportation Risk Specialist Professional Designation

TRS LogoThe Motor Carrier Insurance Education Foundation was established to assemble highly respected authorities from across the country, providing consistent and current education and assistance to insurance professionals serving the transportation industry. The Foundation is the only institute solely and entirely dedicated to this cause, and it was through this talent-rich center of expertise that the curricula for the various components of what would ultimately comprise the TRS designation was developed.

When the motor carrier notices the letters “TRS” next to the name of an insurance or risk management professional, they can be assured that it was earned through rigorous specialized study, regular progress evaluations, dedicated work experience, high standards of integrity and a commitment to maintaining a current level of technical expertise in understanding and servicing the transportation industry. So, whether you are operating a company within the transportation industry or are in the business of providing insurance-related services to them, know that agents, underwriters and risk managers carrying the TRS designation will provide competency and proficiency to meet the needs of a motor carrier.

The Transportation Risk Specialist™ stands out as the sole mark of professionals who have chosen to immerse themselves in a career of providing incomparable service to the transportation and motor carrier sector on behalf of insurers who provide service to motor carriers.

The TRS Designation recognizes that an individual has an understanding about the motor carrier industry and the motor carrier’s insurance needs; including underwriting and coverage. The individual has obtained this knowledge by participating in education opportunities, demonstrated their understanding by passing tests and has provided services to the motor carrier industry for at least two years.

Effective July 1, 2018, the TRS Designation requirements are as follows:

Complete the 20-hour TruckingU on-line program and pass the test


Attend the face-to-face 16-hour Basic Insurance for Motor Carriers and pass a test

After Completion of either one of the above two requirements, then must also attend:

The 16-hour Advanced Underwriting and

The 16-hour Advanced Coverages

To maintain your TRS Designation you must keep current by attending one of the following face-to-face programs every two years:

Advanced Underwriting

Advanced Coverages

Annual Conference


Attend three of the four on-line advanced webinars in the two-year update period (option available only once every four years)

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